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Amazing: Scientists Stored a Movie inside DNA

People have come up with all sorts of data storage systems—from cuneiform and chiselled inscriptions to hard drives and compact discs. But they all have one thing in common: At some point, they degrade. Now researchers have encoded the data to make a short video into the DNA molecules of …

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E3 2017: Microsoft unveils $499 Xbox One X

Microsoft has unveiled the latest games console in its line-up, a more powerful version of the Xbox One called the Xbox One X. The tech giant touted the machine’s specs, including its ability to run games in 4K ultra-HD, ahead of the E3 games show in Los Angeles. The tech …

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Creating a lithium ion battery that won’t catch fire

At American Lithium Energy’s headquarters outside San Diego, President and co-founder Jiang Fan opens a padlocked door to the company’s battery testing chamber. Here, squat machines puncture batteries with nails, crush them with a weight and pump so much voltage into them during recharging that they swell like miniature balloons. …

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Four simple ways to improve your iPad battery performance

  “Battery life” can be defined as the required amount of time your device runs before it needs to be recharged. The Apple IPad itself is a good device that promises top notch battery performance, but with frequent charge and use, battery life invariably begins to fade. Here we talk …

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These days, you can see your crush’s face in real time on the other side of the globe via FaceTime. Love letters have been dead so long it’s not worth giving them a panegyric. Times have changed, and our romantic exchanges have evolved from infrequent letters fraught with longing and …

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Saudi Arabia warns on cyber defense as Shamoon resurfaces

Saudi Arabia on Monday warned organizations in the kingdom to be on the alert for the Shamoon virus, which cripples computers by wiping their disks, as the labour ministry said it had been attacked and a chemicals firm reported a network disruption. An alert from the telecoms authority seen by …

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Surgeons Can Now Prep for Surgery in VR

Doctors might ditch textbooks for technology thanks to SpectoVive, a whole new way to examine the human body. Virtual reality has plenty of practical use cases outside of entertainment, but we may have just found a frontrunner: SpectoVive. Thanks to the amazing minds at the University of Basel, surgeons can use VR to …

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